SOCI 102 - Social Problems - Hailu - Course Guide: Additional Resources

Trade & Industry Associations/Organizations

Industry & trade association websites:

  • often contain industry news & information - some content may only be available to members
  • parts of the website to look for: news, research, resources, library, data, or other tabs.

To find relevant industry websites:

  • Do a Google Advanced Search, structured in the form: industry description + association
    • coffee + association
  • To limit results to domains ending in .org, add to a Google search
    • apparel + association

Company Websites

A company's website often includes an "about us" section. In addition, look for sections on the website such as:

  • news
  • annual reports - a self-reported history about themselves
  • investor information or relations

Remember a company will explain itself in the best possible light & will have a natural bias in the information it presents.