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Information Literacy

Mission Statement

We partner with faculty to empower students to effectively use information in school, at work and in their personal lives. These students will be successful life-long information seekers who identify, access, evaluate, and ethically use all types of information.

What is Information Literacy?

Library Instruction

Librarians offer course-specific library instruction workshops which provide practical demonstrations and hands-on application of exciting research tools.

Online Instruction

Librarians work with faculty members to include information literacy in the online environment. Online instruction may be presented in a variety of formats, including: tutorials, videos, and course guides.

To begin the online instruction process

Learning Objectives
Know Information Needs Find Information Evaluate Information Use Information Honestly Use Information
Partner with library staff to help students understand the desired result of the assignment.

Differentiate between online subscription resources and internet.

Differences between peer reviewed, scholarly, and popular articles.

Teach students to critically examine accuracy, relevance, bias and completeness of information they retrieve. Teach students to incorporate appropriate and relevant information. Assess the results of your students' efforts with attention to whether the amount of sources is adequate and specific.

Library Subject Guides

Library Course Guides

HCC Website Evaluation Checklist.  

Discuss the proper use of information, including the use of citations to assign proper credit as well as academic honesty and plagiarism.

Understand fair use and copyright policies.

  Become familiar with access of electronic subscription databases.     Teaching students to integrate outside sources into their work will be a deterrent to plagiarism and other dishonest academic behaviors.


ACRL Information Literacy Standards

Skills associated with information literacy:

  • learn
  • understand the assignment
  • evaluate your sources properly
  • use the information
  • ethically use information
  • understand ethical, legal, and social issues

Effective Library Assignments

Sample Assignment Design