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Information Literacy

We partner with faculty to empower students to effectively use information in school, at work & in their personal lives. Students will be successful life-long information seekers who identify, access, evaluate & ethically use all types of information.

Teaching Support Available

Faculty may work with a librarian for any information literacy needs:

Face-to-Face Instruction

Librarians offer course-specific library instruction workshops which provide practical demonstrations and hands-on application of research tools in a face-to-face environment.

To request a face-to-face library instruction session:

More about library instruction:

Online Instruction

Librarians work with faculty members to include information literacy in the online environment - for any class format that needs online information literacy content. Online instruction may be presented in a variety of formats, including tutorials, videos, live online sessions (Zoom, Canvas Conferencing), and more.

To request online library instruction:


Course Guides

Course guides support students by combining library & research resources as well as information literacy content. Course guides may be developed for:

  • a specific course - all sections of a course may have a common information literacy need.
  • a specific section of a course - the section needs specialized resources for a specific assignment.
  • a discipline - all courses in the discipline need a shared set of resources & information literacy skills.

To request a course guide:


Research Appointments

Faculty can require or recommend students schedule and attend a research appointment with a librarian. Appointments are available individually or in small groups to discuss a library/research need. Appointments may be face-to-face or online.

To schedule an appointment with any librarian or with a specific librarian:

Assignment Design

Work with a librarian to develop research activities and assignments to support teaching and promote student learning. A librarian can work with you to:

  • assess the information literacy skills students need to accomplish the assignment.
  • identify the availability of library resources needed to complete the assignment.
  • develop learning activities that strengthen the research skills of your students.

To work with a librarian on designing an assignment:

More about assignments: