Howard Community College Library strives to provide equal access to information and services to all students, faculty and staff members. We provide digital resources and services that meet accessibility standards and align with best practices. We support and accommodate our students, faculty and staff with disabilities in the facilities and services we provide.

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In-Person (in the Library)

Library Facility


Accessible parking is available in several parking areas near the James Clark Jr. Library (CL) building - campus map:

  • A.1 - north side of the building, enter from Scholarship Drive entrance
  • A - north of the building, enter from either Campus Drive or Scholarship Drive entrances
  • East Garage - east side of the building, enter from either Scholarship Drive or Faculty Drive entrances
Construction Work (Present through Summer 2019) Map showing the stair and elevator entrances.

Construction on campus will affect entry into the Library:

  • Stair entry is available via the stairwell at the southwest end of the CL building.
  • Elevator entry is available by taking the elevator in the Howard Hall (HW) building to the second floor & then following Library signs posted in the hallway.
Building Entrance

Universal entry to the Library is provided on the second floor of the CL building, with automatic slider doors. Power-assisted doors are available at entrances to the HW and CL buildings.


The elevator in the HW building provides access to the second floor of the CL building via the hallway - follow the signs in the HW second floor hallway to navigate to the Library. Elevators have Braille and tactile numbering.


Wheelchair accessible rest rooms are located outside the Library's main doors - exit the Library, turn left into the first hallway:

Restrooms have Braille and tactile numbering, and power-assisted doors.

Drinking Fountains

Wheelchair accessible drinking fountains are outside the Library's main doors - exit the Library and the drinking fountains are on the right side.

Assistive Technology Workstation

A wheelchair accessible assistive technology workstation is available in the Research & Writing Lab (CL 203) - the computer number is CL203-18. Contact Disability Support Services regarding the use of this equipment.

Adjustable Height Study Carrels

Two adjustable height study carrels are available in the Quiet Study area outside CL 212-213.

Wheelchair Accessible Computer

One wheelchair accessible computer is available in the Information Literacy Classroom (CL 237).

Library Services

Library staff are committed to providing reasonable accommodations to users with disabilities. We provide the following services, as needed and dependent on library staff availability:

Research Assistance

Reference and research services are available in a variety of formats - in person, chat, email, phone, text or appointments. One-on-one research appointments offer extended consultations with a librarian to help you with your library research needs.

Book Retrieval

Library staff provide physical assistance with retrieving books from the stacks:

  • Requests for 2-3 titles can usually be accommodated at point of need.
  • Requests for more than 3 titles, please contact the Library in advance so that staff can have the items ready for pick-up at the Service Desk.
Photocopying and Scanning

Library staff provide assistance with photocopying (photocopier) and scanning (photocopier or Book Scan Station). To use the photocopier, you must have a current HCC login/password.

  • Requests for copying/scanning 1-5 pages can usually be accommodated at point of need.
  • Requests for copying/scanning more than 5 pages, please contact the Library in advance.
Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) of special needs materials, such as Braille or large print, may be requested. Note: not all items are available in an alternate format.

Library Designee

Library users with a disability may designate an individual to borrow books from the Main Stacks, Oversize, Plays, ESL and Children's Literature collections on their behalf. Reserves collection titles may not be borrowed by a designee.

To designate someone else to check out books using your library account, use the HCC Library Designee Form:

  • One signed form per visit.
  • An incomplete/unsigned HCC Library Designee Form will not be accepted.
  • Your HCC ID card, the library account holder, must be presented at the time of check out.
  • A valid government-issued photo identification will be required from your library designee at the time of checkout.

Disability Support Services

Students who need services beyond what library staff are able to provide and accommodate are requested to make prior arrangements with Disability Support Services, including:

Course Materials & Textbooks

Students who need to obtain textbooks or course readings in an accessible format should work with Disability Support Services.

Assistive Technology Workstation

A wheelchair accessible assistive technology workstation is available in the Research & Writing Lab (CL 203) - the computer number is CL203-18. Contact Disability Support Services regarding the use of this equipment.