ARTS 264 - History of Photography - Course Guide: Introduction

About this Guide

This guide suggests resources useful for researching artists & works of art - including images, books, articles & more.

Search Tips

As you do your research, whether online or in-person, remember:

  • Variety is the spice of life - use a variety of search terms
    • artist's name - some tools require names to be entered in a specific order (last name then first name)
    • title of the work of art - useful with very well known works & in resources devoted to the specific artist
    • broader and/or narrower terms, synonyms - examples include:
      • romantics
      • romanticism
      • romanticism in art
      • nineteenth century art
      • 19th century art
      • nineteenth century painting
      • 19th century painting

  • Spelling counts - databases may miss valuable results if you have a spelling mistake