HIST 122 - Western Civilization and the Pre-Modern World - Course Guide - Myers: HIST 122 Assignment

Resources for HIST 122 (Myers) Renaissance art assignment

The Assignment

From Professor Myers: 

For this paper you will examine a piece of Renaissance art and explain the connection between the art and the historical context of the Renaissance. You may include a short summary of the artwork but the paper should mainly be an analysis.  We will assign works of art in class.

  • Explain why this work of art is significant.    
  • What is innovative about the work of art for the time period? 
  • How does it represent trends in the Renaissance?  

Be prepared to present your findings in class. Make sure to have a strong and clear thesis statement and use (AND CITE) your evidence.  We will discuss citation and plagiarism in class but please ask if you have any questions.  Also, make sure to use my tips for writing a history paper handout.