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Why Use...

Find It is the Library’s search tool to look for information from databases and Books+, the library catalog.

Use one search box to find articles, books, ebooks, videos, podcasts, images, background information, and more.

Limit results to scholarly and peer-reviewed articles, and by date, content type, discipline, subject terms, and language.


Phrase Searching

Use " " to search for terms as an exact phrase.


  • "teacher education" finds teacher education; it does not find the education of teachers.
  • "child abuse" finds child abuse; it does not find abused children.


Use the connectors AND, OR and NOT to combine search terms. Connectors must be written in ALL CAPS.


To require all search terms appear at least once in each search result, use the AND connector. By default, all terms in a search are combined with the AND connector.


  • vaping AND teenagers finds items with both vaping and teenagers in every item.


To expand the results set, use the OR operator.


  • teens OR teenagers finds items that contain either term.
  • "teacher education" OR "educator training" finds items that contain either phrase.


To exclude terms, use the NOT connector or - character before a term.


  • animal NOT dog, excludes the term dog.


Use ? and * as wildcard characters. Wildcard characters cannot be used as the first character in a search term

Question Mark (?)

The question mark (?) will match any one character.


  • Ols?n finds Olsen or Olson.

Asterisk (*)

The asterisk (*) will match zero or more characters within a word or at the end of a word.


  • Ch*ter finds Charter, Character, and Chapter
  • Temp* finds any words that begins with temp, including Temptation, Temple and Temporary.

Browser Support

Supports the following browsers and phones:

  • Internet Explorer 9.0+
  • Firefox (current - 1) or current
  • Safari (current - 1) or current
  • Chrome (current - 1) or current
  • iPhone 5.0+
  • Android 4.0+