Course Reserves

Information for HCC faculty & staff about the Course Reserves service

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What is Course Reserves?

The Course Reserves collection contains materials provided by HCC faculty members and academic departments for use by HCC students in their courses.

Course Reserves may include:

  • selected textbooks;
  • articles;
  • sample exams;
  • DVDs;
  • and more.

The Library does not automatically receive textbooks for all HCC classes. It is up to course instructors and academic departments to place textbooks in the Library's Course Reserves.

Placing Materials in Course Reserves

To place an item in the Course Reserves, bring the following to the Library's Service Desk:

  • the item itself to be placed in the Course Reserves;
  • a completed Course Reserve Request form;
  • a completed Copyright Request form.


Processing Times for Course Reserves

To ensure Course Reserves materials are available to students by the date needed:

  • Items (and appropriate forms) require at least three full business days* prior to the reserve start date.

*Peak workload periods at the beginning of the semester may experience extended processing times - bring Course Reserves materials early to ensure they are available for the beginning of the semester.

Borrowing Periods

For high use items, you may specify a borrowing period of 2 or 4 hours. These items will be designated as "Library Use Only" & must be used inside the HCC Library - the item may not be taken out the Library's doors or into a classroom.

For lower use items, including older editions, you may specify a borrowing period of 1 day or 1 week. These items may be used outside the HCC Library.