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The Library Catalog

The Library Catalog is an inventory of everything that's on our shelves, whether you're looking for books, DVDs, maps, etc. It even includes links to eBooks.

The Library Catalog is available online, from anywhere that you have access to the Internet:

Search the Library Catalog by Author or Title

Knowing the name of the author or the title of the book (or DVD or map or..) you're looking for makes finding it easy in the Library Catalog:

  • type in the author's name OR the title in the search box;
  • select author OR title from the drop down menu to the left of the search button;
  • click the Search button.

If the Library owns the item(s), you'll be presented with information about it.

Searching the Library Catalog by Keywords

Often you won't know authors' names or book titles, and will need to search the Library Catalog using keywords. Perhaps, you'll choose (or be assigned) a subject to research for a class and be expected to find books about that subject:

  • type in a word or a few words that describe your topic in the search box;
  • click the Search button.

If the Library has a book or books on your topic, you'll be presented information that will help you find it or them.

Locations in the Library

In addition to the call number, each item (book, video, map, DVD, etc) has a location.

When you search the Library Catalog, make sure to note the location and call number for every item that you want to find.

Common locations:

  • Main Stacks
  • Plays Shelves
  • Reserve Desk