Additional Recent Books - Graphic Novels

March 2020

Saga, vol. 5
X-Men Milestones: X-Tinction Agenda
X-Men Milestones: Inferno
X-Men Milestones: Dark Phoenix Saga
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, vol. 6: Who Run the World? Squirrels
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, vol. 5: Like I'm the Only Squirrel in the World
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, vol. 4: I Kissed a Squirrel and I Liked It
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, vol. 3: Squirrel, You Really Got Me Now
Saga, vol. 6
Akira, vol. 3
Paper Girls, vol. 6
Paper Girls, vol. 5
No Longer Human
Middlewest, vol. 2
Middlewest, vol. 1
The Ghost in the Shell: Deluxe Edition
Coda, vol. 3

February 2020

Asterios Polyp
Bad Gateway
Batman: The Killing Joke
Civil War
From Hell
I Killed Adolf Hitler
Luisa: Now and Then
Maggy Garrisson
The Nao of Brown
One More Year
Taxi!: Stories from the Backseat
Why Are You Doing This?

January 2020

Dementia 21
The Drifting Classroom: Perfect Edition, vol. 1
Frankenstein: Junji Ito Story Collection
Injustice: Gods among Us - Year One
Seraphim: 266613336 Wings
Tropic of the Sea
Why Art?