Searching Google: Search Tips

Searching the Internet? Use these tips to find what you need faster!

Have you ever wanted to retrieve more focused Internet search results than doing a standard, basic Internet search?

Internet search tools often allow you to create focused searches through the use of a few additional characters as part of your search and/or they may have specialized tools built into them.

Although these tips come from Google, similar options can be used when using other search engines.

Search with an Exact Phrase

Screenshot Google Search Tips Quotations



Just like when searching databases, use quotations to search for phrases.

Search within a Specific Site or Type of Site

Screenshot of Google Search Tip


If you only want to view government websites, put your keywords and site:gov in the search box.

Search by File Type

Screenshot Google Search Tips Search by Filetype


Looking for a PowerPoint or PDF file? Search by file type to find what you are looking for!

Search by Advanced Image