Library Etiquette

Respect your fellow students and library staff

Graphic display of Library Etiquette informationCode of Student of Student Conduct
No offensive, abusive, boisterous, harassing, or noisy actions or language.
Follow directions and be respectful when speaking with Library staff.

Be Quiet
Talk softly so you do not disturb others.
Audible use of computers, MP3 players or other electronic devices is not permitted.
Ear buds are available for sale at the Service Desk.

For academic use only.
Do not misuse HCC's computer network.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

No Food
Drinks in covered containers permitted.

Promptly leave the Library at closing time.

One person per chair.
Keep feet off tables and chairs.
Sit in chairs, not on tables or carrels.

Cell Phones
Take your call outside the Library.
Set phones to vibrate or silent mode inside the Library.