THET 000 - Theatre - Course Guide: Introduction

Resources for locating plays in the Library's collections and resources

About this Guide:

This guide lists selected plays that have monologues and scenes for theater classes at HCC. On the left side, you can browse by gender and then by population for a monologue or scene that would be appropriate for you (see Population Notes, below, for more details).

Each play listed has a link to its catalog record within the HCC Library, so you can see whether it is available or checked out.

This guide is based on the Good Plays for Monologues and Scenes compiled by Kasi Campbell, Associate Professor of Theater.

What is a Monologue Assignment?

For purposes of acting and voice classes, a "monologue assignment" is any extended paragraph(s) from a play, comic or dramatic, that is spoken by one character:

  • to another character;
  • to themselves; or,
  • to the audience directly, depending on the context of the play.

What is a Monologue?

Instructors for different courses set the time length for these monologues. Plays listed on the guide have monologues of varying lengths, so it is important to select a monologue that meets the individual instructor's requirement for a specific course.

There are occasions when an instructor might encourage a student to do a "stretch" monologue that falls outside these parameters.

What is a Scene Assignment?

A "scene assignment" for performance classes at HCC is usually a dialogue between two characters. Required length of scene is set by the individual instructor for each course.

Population Notes

Age, gender, and race requirements mentioned for roles within playbooks are usually followed, so playbooks must be consulted for more specific details about roles. Most instructors require that a chosen monologue or scene be spoken by a character whose gender corresponds to the student actor and is within 10-15 years of the actor's age (note per age: all the plays listed are roles to be played by people in their teens to thirties--you are to talk to your professor for role suggestions if you are outside of this span). If the playwright has indicated a specific race for the character, then authorial intent is followed when selecting monologues for performance.