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World History In Context reaches back to the ancient world — and forward to today’s headlines — to deliver a chronicle of the great cultures and societies that have formed the history of the human race. Rare primary sources, reliable reference and multimedia content put this vast topic into context for students.

Scope and Depth

More than 1,700 primary source documents including:

  • Dictionary of the Middle Ages
  • Gale Encyclopedia of World History
  • Encyclopedia of the Holocaust
  • Encyclopedia of the Renaissance
  • Global Events
  • Historic World Events
  • Historic World Leaders

News and Multimedia

  • More than 2,000 maps and atlases provide ideal context.
  • Engage users with thousands of images, videos, and audio selections, from sources like archival newsreels, Critical Past, The History Channel, BBC News, NPR, and more.
  • Full-text periodicals and journals include History Today, The Historian, Spectator, World and I, and more.

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