SOCI 102 - Social Problems - Hailu - Course Guide: Articles

Why Use...

Articles provide information on very specific, narrow topics. The Library purchases article databases so you may access articles for your topic – for free. Researchers use them when they need:

  • Magazines and Newspapers: Brief coverage of contemporary events written to all levels of readers.
  • Peer Reviewed/Scholarly Journals: Reports of research or scholarship on specific topics written by scholars to other scholars


Corporate Social Responsibility Keywords & Tips

Keywords to consider when researching corporate social responsibility:

  • "corporate social responsibility" OR CSR OR "social responsibility" OR "corporate responsibility" OR "social responsibility of business"
  • "sustainable development" OR sustainability
  • fair trade
  • green business or environment
  • corporate governance
  • business ethics
  • human rights
  • labor or workers
  • "fair wage" OR "minimum wage"

Industry Research Keywords & Tips

Industry information will provide an overview and in-depth understanding of a particular industry.

Search tips:

  • Use related terms or ideas (synonyms) - databases may have different terms for the same or similar industry.
    • apparel, clothing
    • fabric, textile
  • Use multiple databases - each covers different industries, with some overlap.
  • Industry classifications are NOT the same across all databases - modify your search as you use different databases.

Company Research & News Keywords & Tips

Company information provides information about specific companies:

  • profiles
  • histories
  • government filings
  • financial data
  • analyst reports

Search tips:

  • Parent company - companies may have a number of subsidiaries for different parts of their business
  • Company name field - some databases allow you to search by company name